The elliptic/missing Feynman integrals

A lot of progress has been made in multiloop computations in recent years due to a deeper understanding of iterated polylogarithmic integrals. As we increase the number of loops or scales, a new class of elliptic integrals arises which need to be explored and for which new techniques and algorithms must be developed.  

The workshop will take place during June 5- June 9 2017 at ETH Zurich and aims to bring together the major experts on this topic in mathematics and theoretical physics. 

Visiting Scientists

  • Luise Adams, Mainz U. 
  • Christian Bogner, Humboldt U., Berlin
  • Roberto Bonciani, Rome U. 
  • Johannes Brödel, Humboldt U., Berlin
  • Claude Duhr, CERN/Louvain
  • Falko Dulat, Stanford
  • Ulf Kühn, Hamburg U.
  • Nils Matthes, Max Plank Inst., Bonn
  • Andreas von Manteuffel, Michigan State U.
  • Bernhard Mistlberger, CERN
  • Francesco Moriello, Trinity Coll., Dubliin
  • Erik Panzer, Oxford U. 
  • Lorenzo Tancredi, Karlsruhe


Babis Anastasiou, Vittorio del Duca, Claude Duhr

Workshop organized under the aegis of the external pagePauli Center for Theoretical Studies


                                        SCIENTIFIC PROGRAM

All talks will take place at  HIT E41.1

Tuesday, June 6

Wednesday, June 7 

Thursday, June 8 

Friday, June 9 

                                    SOCIAL EVENTS (by invitation)


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