Quantum Mechanics 1

Fall Semester 2017, ETH Zurich

This course is an introduction to Quantum Mechanics

Topics include:
- Qualitative introduction to quantum physics
- Basic postulates of quantum mechanics 
- Quantum operators and quantum states
- Symmetries in Quantum Mechanics
- Time evolution 
- The hydrogen atom and other appllications 
- Perturbation theory

LECTURER: Prof. Babis ANASTASIOU. A script of the lectures can be found here.

Lecture Hall & time: HPV G 4, Tuesday 08:45-10:30 & Thursday 10:45-11:30


Exercises can be found external pagehere

They will be available weekly on Wednesday afternoon (before the Thursday exercise classes).  For corrections and feedback please deliver or email a scanned copy of your solutions to your tutor before Tuesday 4pm.   

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